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What is portrait photography?

The key difference between a portrait photo shoot and the rest is the subject. When taking a photograph, the subject is one person. It is by this criterion that we are dividing this category.

In our practice, we conduct male and female portrait photo sessions, which in turn can be classified by genre and subject. For example business, lifestyle, casual, pin-up and many others, genre topics.

Thus, a photographic portrait in Nikolaev is an individual photographing of one person, with the aim of expressing the conceived image and concept through photography.

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What kinds of portraits are there?

Portrait photography itself can be divided into many categories. So, for example, we work in three main categories: men, women and business. But in addition to such a division, it can also be classified like this:

Traditional portrait . Traditional or classic portrait photography refers to an image where the face is the most important and often the only element. The purpose of photography is to depict a specific person. As a rule, he should look directly into the camera. The picture is usually cropped by two thirds.

Portrait in the environment . The subject is photographed in the natural human environment. For example, a worker is filmed on a construction site, a teacher in a classroom, a sculptor in a studio, and so on. The environment allows you to make a story, to give a better idea of ​​the hero.

Documentary portrait . The portrait is shot without agreement with the subject. This style is used in photojournalism, travel photography, street photography and reportage photography. Unlike the previous type of portrait, it is done at the moment, without preparation, and this is especially valuable.

Creative types of portrait photography

Fashion and beauty portrait . A special type of portrait used in glossy publications and catalogs. Not only the object is important, but the composition as a whole - make-up, accessories, hairstyle.

Abstract portrait . Such portraits are not based on a realistic depiction of a person. Collage, special techniques, special effects, digital manipulations are often used.

Portraits rarely exist in their pure form, more often they are combined for the most comprehensive disclosure of a person's personality, completeness of coverage of the event and implementation of the author's idea.

Based on all of the above, you can guess that for portraits you need to create an atmosphere. In Nikolaev, we spend most of our portrait sessions in photo studios. It is there that there is everything you need to reveal the image and create a thematic atmosphere.

In addition, the studios have the necessary technical conditions (light, backgrounds, interiors) for the comfortable work of the model and the photographer.

In addition to studios, we use restaurants and cafes in Nikolaev. You can always do a series of laid-back lifestyle portraits there, while ordering a cup of coffee and some dessert.

Also, an important attribute for a portrait will be the preliminary preparation of the model. We recommend that you always use the services of professional makeup artists and stylists before starting your photography. The applied tone to the skin and the elaborate hairstyle are very important elements of the portrait.
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